The fight continues 

Yes it was another glioblastoma. They took out 90% because it was getting too close to my brain stem and other parts of my brain used for motor function. I am healing marvelously after only being out of surgery for a week and a half. Next step is to go back on chemo and maybe more radiation, I will ask my medical oncologist about having the radiation oncologist look at the scans to see if more radiation is a possibility. I’m still staying positive about this and fighting the good fight. I may be eligible for a clinical trial but it depends on if my white blood cells keep dropping or not. If they do, then I most likely will not be eligible. Thanks for any support and prayers for me and my family during this time in my life. 


Published by: Dungeon Master Kristi

I am a nerd. There I said it, it's out in the open now. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who...and the list goes on and on. I also LOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons. I am the Dungeon Master of a game I run once a month with my friends. This website, my Facebook group, and my YouTube channel, are all out there to show you how I design a campaign and build my dungeons. I usually use Hirst Art molds to create and build my dungeons, however, I have been using foam board and random other objects you might think are trash to create items for our games. Four four weekends a month, I work on the story, the design, and putting the game together. I love that my friends can leave their lives behind for a few hours a month and just immerse themselves in my game. This page will just be blog posts describing things that happen in the games, things that happen while working on my builds, and other thoughts on our dungeons and dragons adventures.

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