Weakness will be my Strength

I received a lovely message from a long time friend today that made me realize I am stronger than I think I am. So today while finding myself weakened by my medication it made me want to write this. 


So this anti-seizure medication I am on causes me to feel extremely weak. Lead legs made out of spaghetti. Basically I am feeling exhausted from doing small things. It’s weird. 

For example: earlier today, I walked up the stairs and down again, went to the garage and picked up two boxes that contained feather jackets and brought them inside. Seriously light lifting. I was worn out when I put the boxes down. It was crazy. 

When I say this stuff is making me feel weak, I mean doing normal every day things is tiring. 

  • Showering
  • Making toast
  • Getting dressed
  • Walking up one flight of stairs
  • Basically any normal every day task

Fortunately, per the doctor, my body will get used to this stuff soon. This is the light medication to. Haha. I am just sensitive I guess. 

This weakness will be my strength. I REFUSE to sit around and do nothing during the day even if it makes me extra tired. I’m too young to sit around and let this beat me! 

To others reading this who may be having a troubling time in your lives, please remember that you are stronger than your troubles. 

YOU CAN BEAT THIS! YOU ARE STRONG! YOU ARE LOVED! YOU HAVE SUPPORT! Even if it’s just me sending positive thoughts to you to help you through this. We can beat this together! 


Published by: Dungeon Master Kristi

I am a nerd. There I said it, it's out in the open now. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who...and the list goes on and on. I also LOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons. I am the Dungeon Master of a game I run once a month with my friends. This website, my Facebook group, and my YouTube channel, are all out there to show you how I design a campaign and build my dungeons. I usually use Hirst Art molds to create and build my dungeons, however, I have been using foam board and random other objects you might think are trash to create items for our games. Four four weekends a month, I work on the story, the design, and putting the game together. I love that my friends can leave their lives behind for a few hours a month and just immerse themselves in my game. This page will just be blog posts describing things that happen in the games, things that happen while working on my builds, and other thoughts on our dungeons and dragons adventures.

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