Breakfast can be fun!

So I decided I wanted french toast, but I don’t have much time in the morning to make it. I looked up recipes and found a baked french toast casserole to bake tomorrow morning.

I used a sourdough loaf and cubed half of the loaf. I didn’t have a 9×13 pan that wasn’t already occupied, so I just used an 8×8 pan. Unfortunately, my custard to bread ratio was smaller than what the recipe called for. So I will see how that works in the morning. It is supposed to sit in the fridge at the minimum of two hours with the maximum of overnight, so the bread can soak up all of the custard placed in the pan.

When I went to the store to buy bread I didn’t realize my milk had gone bad. Fortunately, I have fat free powdered milk for use in the bread maker. I used that to make the 1 1/2 cups of milk asked for and just upped the butter content in the brown sugar topping.

I’m excited to take this to work with me tomorrow morning and have it for breakfast at my desk 🙂 I know it’s fattening, but I can just make sure to not eat a bunch of it. I can eat this all week long, or share with others if James and I don’t want to keep eating it.

I have never made an overnight french toast bake, and I can never seem to get my bread “crusty” but not rock hard when I try to make french bread the normal way. I think I am using the wrong thickness of bread doing it the normal way, and that’s why it gets rock hard when left over night to get stale for french toast.

These french toast casseroles take about 45 minutes to bake.

I will update  with a photo of it once it’s finished. I hope it’s delicious!

Click here for the link for Overnight French Toast Casserole from Daily Dish Recipes website.

The Pioneer Woman has another good recipe similar to this one but it puts the topping on last with cold butter cut up into it. It’s called a Cinnamon Baked French Toast.


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I am a nerd. There I said it, it's out in the open now. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who...and the list goes on and on. I also LOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons. I am the Dungeon Master of a game I run once a month with my friends. This website, my Facebook group, and my YouTube channel, are all out there to show you how I design a campaign and build my dungeons. I usually use Hirst Art molds to create and build my dungeons, however, I have been using foam board and random other objects you might think are trash to create items for our games. Four four weekends a month, I work on the story, the design, and putting the game together. I love that my friends can leave their lives behind for a few hours a month and just immerse themselves in my game. This page will just be blog posts describing things that happen in the games, things that happen while working on my builds, and other thoughts on our dungeons and dragons adventures.

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