Ice Wurm, Dragons, and Adventure….OH MY!!



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Dungeons and Dragons Game: June 20, 2015

So we had our DND game this last Saturday. We had a lot of fun and lots of left turns during the game. Because I have been focusing on school I didn’t get a chance to make to many items for my players to utilize during the game. The picture above is where all the action happened during the game. On their walk to the Cave of Light (shown above) they came into contact with an Ice Wurm (the blue guy in the picture, used as a stand-in for a dragon during this part). I almost killed everyone with one blow of ice cold breath. Fortunately, they came out of it not to scathed. When they killed the Ice Wurm it exploded and shot ice at all of them. They had good reflex rolls that day.

The purple dragon in the background is a stuffed dragon I got for my Paladin and Barbarians baby for this past Christmas. We used it as a stand-in for our oldest dragon in the cave. Use what you got right? Ha Ha

While inside the cave one of my players rolled a will save to see if he could be sane enough to throw “the one ring” (yes the same from Lord of The Rings) into a river to get rid of it. While he wore it he would steadily start going insane. At this point he was about 50% insane. Our cleric pulled the ring out of the water with mage hand and put it into a black bag. This bag is special, it is like a reverse of the bag of holding. Think Warehouse 13 purple bags to take the power away from the artifacts.

I know we are serious nerds and take from lots of other nerdy things to make stuff for our players. One of my players has an ax from Minecraft that allows him to hit something and obtain what the item is made of. For example, he could hit a tree and get a bundle of chopped wood.

Anyways, my players were supposed to follow the ice river out of the Cave of Light and go through the inside of the mountain to get to the abandoned castle to the North West. Going this way allowed them to stay out of the cold and survive a little longer in this harsh terrain. Tilea is the land of ice and snow, so chainmail and heavy metal armor is not suited for this type of terrain. My Sorcerer (who is also my fiancé) put a kink in this idea and decided to use a spell to transport everyone out of the cave straight to the other side.

So next game they will be on the outside of the cave and heading towards the abandoned giants castle. The dragons told them there was lots of gems left in the castle. The dragons had a scroll with some information pertaining to my Paladins past (that I cannot discuss because the other players have no idea what is going on). They are trying to get to the Sheeli clan of dragon borns in the town of White Wolf to the North of the cave.

So will they meet more ice worms, or wolves, or polar bears on the other side of the mountain? The game is in a month so I have time to plan.


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I am a nerd. There I said it, it's out in the open now. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who...and the list goes on and on. I also LOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons. I am the Dungeon Master of a game I run once a month with my friends. This website, my Facebook group, and my YouTube channel, are all out there to show you how I design a campaign and build my dungeons. I usually use Hirst Art molds to create and build my dungeons, however, I have been using foam board and random other objects you might think are trash to create items for our games. Four four weekends a month, I work on the story, the design, and putting the game together. I love that my friends can leave their lives behind for a few hours a month and just immerse themselves in my game. This page will just be blog posts describing things that happen in the games, things that happen while working on my builds, and other thoughts on our dungeons and dragons adventures.

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