30 Days of Dungeons and Dragons: Day 22


Day 22: Favorite Monster Overall

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 5.02.03 AM

THIS is my favorite Monster overall. It is called a Shocker Lizard. They are a small magical beast that only have 13 measly hit points. You are probably thinking (if you have never come against this creature), “13 hp? Seriously? That’s ridiculous? How can this monster even cause a fuss?”

I will tell you how. This guy is a reptile with a body like an electric eel. Their entire body can generate intense electrical shock. They lurk in the swamps and places that are damp and have lots of water. You getting the picture yet? Water + electricity = you are now dead. Well maybe mostly dead……If you are unconscious they will then try to bite your face off.

The nice thing about these tiny creatures, is that they will try to ward you off first before fighting. How nice of them. They don’t want to fight you. Now you don’t usually come across just one shocker lizard, you usually will come across 5-6 at one time. Or if you have a DM like me, I will place 10 of these buggers in one spot. Then again, I like to make my players think of how to survive.

I have used these before in a game. My players were smart. They climb on top of rocks and stayed out of the water. They used arrows to try and kill them instead. They actually used an immovable rod and placed a shield up in the air. They then placed our gnome rouge (gnomes coming back y’all) on top of the shield. She killed them all. But I digress. Back to the Shocker Lizard.

They are small, they are electrical, and they are smart about how they will try to kill you. They will warn you first so you stay away. If you are smart you will leave their cave and abandon all treasure you may hope to find there. My players, however, would rather die getting the gold then walking away from it.

Don’t forget what I said in a previous post: don’t count out the little guy.

What’s your favorite monster?

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