30 Days of Dungeons and Dragons (Day 8)


Day 8: Favorite Character you have played

This is quite a loaded question that ask many other questions. Are they asking for the favorite player I have made myself that I have played, favorite NPC, or favorite player someone else made for me that I have played?

I am going to go with my favorite non-player character that had a character sheet in case my players wanted to kill it. I made a level 10 cannibalistic gnome named Bob. Technically, I used all of their characteristics for all of the gnomes (over 50 in the game) all with different names. Fortunately, the players didn’t fight him, not that they didn’t want to. Bob looked like the gnome from Travelocity, basically a brightly colored garden gnome.

(Featured image courtesy of amazon)

I loved playing him because of the dialogue that happened between bob and my players. Jason, who plays a fighter named Badger, couldn’t get past the fact that bob was cannibalistic. I had to keep explaining, as bob, that we only ate other gnomes from different clans. Jason and Cathie (who plays a paladin named Kitty Rose) kept harping on the fact that they eat people (be it their own species) and therefore automatically distrusted all that he said.

Poor bob, he was trying to convince them to the group to help take out the giant living in the castle above their city. It was an adventure I made for the Land of Nod.

(Check out the video information on my Youtube Channel on the link at the bottom of this post.)

Anyways, poor Bob took a walk with the travelers and kept asking for their help and explaining that Trigori (the giant) took over their land and kept taxing them to death for years. Well Jason and Cathie, mainly jason, kept asking “well why do you need our help if you could just eat him?”

Can you imagine, being a DM and having to explain for 15 minutes that you are not going to eat the players in the party you only eat your own kind? Then once they finally believed you about that, they still disbelieved everything else you said?

I think I liked playing the gnomes because the players pushed my buttons and made me think on my feet. Each question they asked, I had to have a quick response. They were colorful, small, and evil (just like me….).

If I had this question posed to me after the 17th I am sure I would say the Giant Trigori because he will be just as fun. He is very colorful, appreciates fashion, and loves to party. He is going to be a hoot to embrace next game!

I know my answer is quite vague in terms of favorite character I have ever played. I pretty much enjoy playing all of them. Putting on a new skin and pretending to be someone else is always fun!

Who was your favorite character and why? let me know in the comments!

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