Join the trend! DND 30 day challenge! Favorite game world (day 4)



I do not actually have a favorite “game world” for Dungeons and Dragons. I have played a Pathfinder world through a module called Thornkeep, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite. It had a lot of things that the players could do and lots of options they could choose from to have a good time within the module itself. However, every DM I have ever played with, and even myself as a DM, has just made up a game world all on our own. I never really wanted to utilize a module and have a pre-made game world for my players to play in, but i was getting a bit run down from working on the game every day after working for 40-50 hrs a week at the time.

I like the game world that the DM has made up all on their own and lets the players just design the rest of the game for them. For example, I am working on some short stories (coming out in the next few months or so) that are based around the world I am creating right now: The Land of Tilea. I had a thought about placing my PC’s in a place they had never been: (spoiler alert for my players if they are are reading this before the 16th) a land of ice and snow. I wanted them to experience cold temperatures and figure out how to get around being in leather or metal armor and robes. I try to make up the worlds using my players back stories so I can make them feel more incorporated in the game (i have 9 players – yes, yes i know WOW HOW TO DO YOU HANDLE THAT MANY PEOPLE??). One of my players has a back story that their true form is something else other than a half-elf (can’t spoil that for my players on request of the paladin with this backstory, sorry guys) . So her and I have been collaborating with her backstory so I can fit it into The Land of Tilea that I started.

I am going to make some tweeks here and there to how I run the campaign and what they see in the game, but ultimately it depends on which turn they take that determines what I do in the story. I don’t have anything really written out when we start our games, I just make it up as I go and that makes for a much more interesting game in my opinion. Some DM’s need the structure, need the modules, need the pre-made dungeon crawl worlds that help them keep their players in a straight line.

Let me lay my players out for you. Most are adults and we have three kids how play with us:

Cat and Jay (married)

Kelly and Clint (dating)

Shawn and Kris (Kelly’s two boys, 16 and 12)

Zach (neighbor)

Joseph (fiance’s nephew, 16)

James (fiance)

I have ADD, and the mighty “DM staff of talking” (video below) help me keep control of the crowd. I give them 5 minutes to figure out what their plan of attack when moving between rooms (I lay A LOT of traps) and then hold up my mace to quiet them down to figure out what they have decided. It works for us, keeps us from yelling a lot of stuff at one time to each other. We can be calm about it. But I am getting off track again…sorry..lets get back to the original question.

All of my players have different ideas and different wants in the game world. If I let them create it themselves (with a little control on my end) then I have the best Game World I could ever ask for.

So I guess my actual answer to the question is: The world that the players and DM created together with just their imagination and a lot of quick thinking.

DM Staff of Talking

What’s your favorite DND game world? Let me know in the comments!

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