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Day 3: Favorite Playable Class

As I have mentioned, as a DM I get to see a lot of different classes and play a few. I usually played a rogue any time I played a PC (player character) when I was not being a DM. As I DM I have played a cleric, a barbarian, a rogue, a sorcerer, and a fighter, I have helped players make characters for a monk and a bard. I would have to say my favorite playable class, after all of that, would be either a rogue or a monk. I know you are thinking “Monks are a horrible class to play”. Most people, think that monks and bards are just cannon fodder because they can’t do anything. Well, you’d be surprised.

Monk’s are pretty badass once they start leveling up. Think about that the next time you start rolling up a character, look at their level up qualifications to. Sometimes its better to take the road less traveled and have a bad ass player that can kill you with its lazer eyes later on down the road! Wouldn’t that be awesome if you got lazers you could shoot out of your eyes once you leveled up a few times! (Note: Monks don’t really get lazer eyes but you get my point)

Anyways back to my favorite playable class: the rogue. Rogues are awesome to play. They can sneak up behind someone and get extra hit points with a sneak attack.  At the higher levels, level 5 i think, they get no damage if the save roll calls for half damage. (If they save themselves) They get extra XP, if I am your DM, for successfully disabling the trap that is about to tear the rest of the players faces off. They get extra skill points to help find the said trap before it even engages. The player usually makes sure the Dexterity is higher with rogues so they can pick your pocket, move more silently, hide easier (gnomes aren’t looking so bad now are they -see previous post), open locks easier, and use slight of hand to pick your pocket or do an amazing magic trick.

All the classes have their own awesome traits and characteristics that may make them better for each player, depending on how they want to play them. I just prefer the rogue because I like being able to be extra sneaky. Players as a whole seem to play classes that they can manipulate and make their own. A lot of new players start as a fighter or a rogue because they are the easier classes to play. However, magic users can be easy to play if you use the down time to look up your spells you want to use before its your turn to fight in combat. (hint hint for those players that like to wait until it’s their turn to think about what they want to do next)

For the new players, who may be reading this, choose something that you want to play. You may not be choosing the easiest class, or a class that can do much in the beginning (i.e monk or bard), but you want to play something that YOU want to play. Be who you want to be in this new world that your DM is creating for you. Have fun and mix it up occasionally. If your human rogue dies in battle. Sing songs of their glory and then pick up a pencil and character sheet, and make a half-orc barbarian. Or make a gnome monk (how hilarious would that be). Have fun with it!

If you are just starting to be a dungeon master, learn about all the classes before you start unloading monsters on your players. You can always have a random monk that is a non playable character (NPC) that you can play yourself and add it to the story.

What would your favorite playable class be? Let me know in the comments!

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